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      Today's power couple

Changing your tomorrow

OperaIT Consulting is a professional coaching service with offices in Brisbane, as well as servicing Sydney and Melbourne while offering virtual consulting across the globe. 

OperaIT has three simple intentions when it comes to your personal and professional development:


  • To Serve. We’re here for you.  Our proven practice and methodology are both realistic and tangible. Our philosophy is to achieve the maximum results with the least amount of effort.


  • To Connect. We understand that change comes from trust. Your success is about having the freedom to create and grow while knowing that we've got your back, guiding your development and teaching you how to understand the journey. Our job is to open your heart, expand your vision while providing genuine support and clear advice every step of the way.


  • To Create The collective vision is for us to make this world a safer place for our children; to assist in developing a more compassionate community that supports the brilliance that surrounds us, and to help you realise your ultimate potential.

Our Services

Lisa and Stewart have been delivering tailored in-house and 1:1 training, coaching and consulting programs for more than 20 years.

In an ever-changing world, creative thinking matters when critical new business and development opportunities arise. You and your team need to be resilient and creative with problem solving skills, able to speak across all platforms and lead from the hip. OperaIT will guarantee you have the right team culture, team cohesion and team capabilities to successfully convert those opportunities into value for your business.

Training Programs

Getting the most out from yourself and your people just makes sense. Personal development consistently shows a greater rate of return to business than most other investments.

  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Team Training
  • Presentation Skills

Public Speaking

You may have seen Stewart or Lisa give an address or keynote individually, but seeing them on-stage together takes it to a whole new level. Get the power of leadership with the soul of connection.

Find the precision of peace in a noisy world and tap into the brilliance within and around you.

  • Develop True Executive Presence
  • Network with style and impact in every situation
  • Deliver your message with powerful and purpose

Business Consulting

Sometimes you just want it done for you. We can teach you to fish, but there are occasions when you just need a big catch right now. That's were our Consulting comes in. We will work with you to define a clear outcome and deliver, on time and within budget, guaranteed.

  • Strategic Facilitation
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Advisory Service
  • Creative Solutions

Message Development

There are times when all you need are the right words. As trained performers and presenters, we work together to give you the power, passion and words to deliver like never before.

When it's time to bring out the big guns, it's time for an OperaIT honed message.

We have worked with clients in many areas including:

  • Public and Private Presentations
  • Business or Sales Pitches at the highest level
  • Job Interviews for C-level and board positions

Creativity with Precision,
Expression with Discipline,
Freedom with Restraint