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Operait Podcast - Bought to you by Lisa + Stew

Creativity with precision, expression with discipline, freedom with restraint.

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Do you ever feel you are not doing, being or getting enough? 
Everyday we spend time over-analysing, over-working and striving to be the hero of our own story.
There is always something extra we need to learn, someone we should meet, something we lack that would give us the final step to achieve our dreams. It’s always so close but somehow just over the rainbow.
The OperaIT podcast is about the simplicity of combining creativity with precision. Finding your voice and understanding the responsibility of using it. Finding the precision of peace in the noisey expression of today's world.
Lisa + Stew (the opera singer and handsome techy) unpack the truth of what you really need to succeed in life and tap into the brilliance within and around you.
Each episode deep dives into the sexy world of endless potential where they OperaIT with real-life examples, geeky tips, some woo-woo-hippy-shit, lifestyle hacks and much more.